Booking Policy

First of all: Safety first, experience second

Our main goal is to provide a safe and memorable experience for all our guests. Thus, we reserve the right to cancel any boat trip if the weather conditions are very unpleasant or dangerous.

Terms & Conditions

Booking and Payment

1.1 How to book

You can book your place on a shared boat trip directly via this website. To book a private boat trip, we ask you to fill in our contact form to send an inquiery first, so we can check your preferred date and fit it into our regular schedule. As we only have one boat and one captain, we can not offer a shared boat trip and a private boat trip at the same time.

1.2 Deposit

A 50% deposit for the total amount of your booking is required, which can be paid via Paypal or transferred to our bank account. We will send you the payment information with the confirmation via e-mail. Your payment of 50% of the total bill will act as a deposit and it will serve as confirmation of your reservation.

We strongly recommend you book your ticket as early as possible to ensure your place on the desired trip.

All payments can be made via Paypal, Bank transfer or other payment methods described on the website.

The balance should be paid at the end of the tour directly to the Captain or can be transfered before the trip to the provided details.

1.3 Transfer of Tickets

We collect your name to connect your ticket to your person. In case you can not participate yourself or have booked the ticket(s) for another person, please send us the first and last name of the participant via E-Mail or Whatsapp.

1.4 Cancellations and Refund

We are a small company with only one Zodiac and one captain. Thus, we can only offer one tour (private or shared) per day. To plan accordingly, please understand that we cannot take short-termed cancelations into consideration.

More than 48 hour notice – 100% deposit refund
Less than 48 hours notice – deposit not refunded​

2. Tour Realisation

2.1. Departure from Corralejo To Lobos

The departure time is normally 10:00 a.m. or if it’s different, we will let you know beforehand. Please be on time or even better, arrive 10 minutes early. If you aren’t at our meeting point for departure, we will not be able to wait for you to not detract from the experience of other guests.

2.2. Departure from Lobos to Corralejo

The tour length is defined beforehand. For the shared trip it is 4.5 hours, for the private trip 5.5 hours or 6.5 hours. Please be at the designated meeting point at this time, so we can leave the island.

2.3 Dietary Requirements

As described, we offer one sandwich per person on a shared boat trip and prepare fresh paella or fresh fish on the private trips. If you have any dietary requirements, please provide the request via E-Mail or Whatsapp to Lobos Explorer at least 24 hours prior to the start of the booked trip.

2.4 On the boat

Due to safetey reasons, we ask you to stay seated while the boat is in motion. We are not reliable for any accidents that happen to standing up or moving around during the ride. If you have any bags, store them on the floor of the boat. Hold loose objects (for example cameras, phones, sunglasses) close or store them in your bag. Any damage or losses caused by yourself is your responsibility.

2.5 Photos and Videos

We might take photos of you during the trips. You agree that you may be photographed during the trip and that these photographs may be used for our communication and Markting.

If you do not wish not to be on camera/video, please write us an email to before the commencement of the trip. This must include the name and contact details of the person who does not wish to be photographed or filmed.

2.6 Itinerary

The itinerary on all boat tours can be changed or adapted due to weather conditions in order to provide you the best experience.

3 . Cancellation and Deposit refund by Lobos Explorer

We reserve the right to cancel the trip:

  • In case of bad weather or dangerous conditions (for example strong winds, big swell, etc.). We rely on our experience and knowledge of the ocean and Fuerteventura to assess whether the trip by boat is safe. If it’s not, we will not risk your safety, but cancel the trip.
  • If we don’t reach the minimum number of participants required to start a shared tour. The minimum number is 6.
  • Illness of the captain/skipper. In case our captain is not fit to drive, we won’t risk an accident or your safety.

In the case of cancellation due to one of those reasons, you can either choose to join us on another day or we will refund your paid amount completely.

4. Insurance

While we do have fully comprehensive and third-party insurance, these do not cover any accidents or injuries of you that may occur during a boat trip. Please make sure that you have sufficient health insurance in case of injuries. Normally, your European health insurance or additional travel insurance should cover you.

5. Complaints

If you have a complaint about any of the tour arrangements, please bring it to the attention of the guide/captain at the time, so that they may use their best endeavors to rectify the situation. Failure to complain on the spot will result in your ability to claim compensation from Lobos Explorer being extinguished. Should the problem remain unsolved during the trip a complaint must be made in writing to Lobos Explorer within 7 days of the completion of the tour.

6. Responsibility

Our boat tours are designed as an outdoor activity that contains exposure to the environment and
therefore involves an element of potential risk and exposure to potential hazards. All bookings are accepted on the understanding that such risk and hazards are appreciated by you and that you participate at your own will.