Private Boat Tour to Lobos Island

Private Boat Trip & Snorkeling Tour to Lobos Island

€ 550
variable up to 12 People Freshy Cooked Lunch & Drinks

Treat yourself to a private boat trip

Spend an extraordinary day during your holidays on Fuerteventura with an experience you will never forget! We invite you to a private boat trip to the natural park of Lobos Island. Just you, your captain and your chosen companionship.

Snorkel in the crystal clear ocean in front of Lobos and swim with the local fishes. Unwind in the turquoise water of the Lagoons. Enjoy freshly made Paella with organic, local Seafood, cooked with love just for you. Have a drink with your friends while you laugh and enjoy the feeling of being away from it all.

A holiday activity to relax, gain new energy, have a lot of fun and create memories together.

Our tour is starting in Corralejo where we take you away from your regular holiday with our spacious Zodiac to visit Lobos Island.

Your captain & guide on this trip is Javi, an original Majorero (aboriginals of Fuerteventura), and the grandson of Antoñito, “El Farero”, who has been of a Lighthouse Keeper of the Lobos Lighthouse from 1938 for 60 years.

Due to his own connection to Lobos and his family’s hut in the lagoons, handed down through generations, this trip becomes more than an activity, but an experience rooted in canarian traditions.

Snorkel in the ocean

Snorkel in front of Lobos Island in the blue water, watch the local fish and enjoy the calm ocean. We provide you with the snorkel and mask!

Enjoy a drink & fresh Paella

While you relax in the lagoons, we we freshly prepare delicious Paella - and if you join our Deluxe Tour, fresh fish from the island - for you to enjoy. Beverages like wine beer, water and soft drinks are included as well.

Memories to take home

During the whole trip, we will take pictures of you for you to keep after the tour. During the snorkeling in front of Lobos, we will also join you under water for your personal selfie with a fish!

Tan and Fun in the Lagoons

Relax in the sun and spend a fun day in the crystal clear water of the lagoons. At our hut, you will find SUPs, Kayaks and Snorkel Equipment free to use.

Hike & Explore

Walk around the island in 2 hours. We recommend you the best hiking tour to explore the island and what to see on Lobos. If you don't like walking, we also provide mountain bikes to cycle around.

Individual tour just how you like it

No need to follow a routine itinerary of a guided excursion: We tailor the boat trip around your interests. Want to explore the island from the seaside? We drive around the coastline and show you the other side. Snorkel as long as you want? Sure! Rather hike than swim? Also no problem! You do what you want, we take care of the rest!

Content of a boat trip

Private Boat Trip
  • Private Excursion to Lobos
  • Life Vests for all participants
  • Snorkeling in front of Lobos
  • Freshly Made Seafood Paella
  • Fresh Wish on Request
  • Water, Wine, Beer, Soft Drinks
  • Sports Equipment provided (SUP, Kayak, Snorkel, Bikes)
  • Photo Documentation of your Trip
  • Space for 12 people


How could your private boat trip look like? Hike, Relax, Swim, SUP, Explore! You decide how you create your day on Lobos Island - we provide the rest!

Meeting in the morning

We meet at the harbour (puerto deportivo) in Corralejo, Fuerteventura, right in front of the parking lot. There, we will start out tour with the Zodiac, leaving Fuerteventura behind.

Snorkeling in front of Lobos

Before we arrive back on land, we make a stop in front of Lobos Island. In the calm, crystal clear water, it’s time to put on the mask and snorkel and swim with colorful canarian fishes. We join you with a water-proof camera to collect memories under the surface.

Get active on Lobos Island

After arriving on the island, we craft a day full of relaxation and activity – whatever you prefer. Take our SUPs and Kayaks to paddle through the Lagoon, or take a bike and drive up the volcano to enjoy the view of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Relax and refill your energy

Take a break from it all in our fisher hut, relax on the sun-warmed wooden jetty in the middle of the lagoon while you enjoy a cold beer. While you relax, we prepare a classic spanish dish, a fresh seafood Paella, so you can fill up after all the activity.

Departure back to Corralejo

At the end of the day, it’s time to go back to Fuerteventura. While you indulge in the beautiful memories of the day, Javi will take you back by boat to our starting point in Corralejo.

Ready to spoil yourself with a fantastic day? Reserve your spot!

Enquire your private boat trip

Request your private boat trip to Lobos Island by filling in this form. After your inquiery, we will check the date for availability and weather conditions and then get back to you with an offer per E-Mail.

Enquiry Form - Private

How many people would like to join? (Up to 12 people)

“A wonderful afternoon with Lobos Explorer. We booked a boat trip with them to see Lobos island. First we got off to do some snorkeling which was amazing! After that we arrived onto the island to do loads of activities such as biking, kayaking, and paddle boarding and also they took photos of us doing everything which is great. After an amazing day, we got served with a lovely meal. Top quality throughout the whole trip.”
“Could life be more perfect? Thanks a lot for the impressive boat trip to Lobos. Many activities on offer include cycling, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, SUP on the island. Very delicious food! I was completely satisfied with your service. It was great to meet these friendly people and the beautiful island. Muchas gracias por todo, Javier"
“An unforgettable experience! Visiting Isla de Lobos wouldn't have been the same if we hadn't gone with Javi who took incredible care of us. He took us by Zodiac to Lobos, showing us the volcano and the famous surf spot. We docked at the pier, and after a short paddle, we arrived at the lagoons. We left our stuff at the base camp and were offered all kinds of drinks to refresh us: from water to beer and wine.
Once we were settled we had a choice of activities to choose from: from bikes to explore the island (with different signposted routes), to kayaks, stand up paddle boards and snorkeling. All the equipment was in perfect condition and Javi was always there to help us if we needed anything. After our adventures, a delicious dinner awaited us, all lovingly made by Javi. It was so incredibly tasty that we couldn't stop eating!
After dinner, we got on the Zodiac and went back to the harbor of Corralejo. The service was totally amazing. Visiting Isla de Lobos without Lobos Explorer wouldn't have been the same, they have made it a super complete and unforgettable experience."

Shared Boats Tour

You're on a budget, but want to enjoy a boats tour to Lobos? We also offer shared excursions daily!

€ 47 - 65 €

/ person

Shared Boat Tour to Lobos

Join us for a boat trip to Lobos Island!
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